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Project Description

KIS3G Project (Library Information System of the third generation) is a project of a national information system. It associates entities that voluntarily decided to use an integrated library information system called Virtua. KIS3G Project started up in 2002 immediately after approval of the Programme of Library Electronization in the Slovak Republic. The Slovak National Library procured Virtua version 43.1 for libraries in Slovakia from the U.S. company VTLS Inc. in accordance with the Resolution of the Slovak Government No 801/2002 in December 2003. Common application software uses ORACLE database system.

Participation of libraries in the KIS3G Project is determined by legal rules. The member libraries of KIS3G have various economic and legal status and various founders, that are sovereign to decide whether they join the project or not. Participation in the project is available for all libraries funded by public sources, irrespective of their departmental affiliation. All libraries that are administrated by the Ministry of Culture will use common software.

KIS3G Project is built on principles of availability of the common software for libraries in the Slovak Republic, on the principle of standardization, utilization of the internet and a professional collaboration of libraries.

User and implementation output of the KIS3G Project is:
Slovak library
, i.e. web-portal of catalogues and collections of Slovak libraries accessible via

Memoria slovaca, i.e. web-portal of the Slovak cultural heritage accessible via

Aim of the Project is:
creating standard and uniform environment, making accessible resources of cultural and scientific heritage through common databases, and thus providing better library and information services.

Services of the Project
- possibility of localization of documents in the partner libraries, asking for them electronically, and collecting them in the home library branch
- access to digital objects of a digital library
- possibility of searching (expert searching, searching in several databases – e.g. the Library of the U.S. Congress, libraries of Comenius University

Real operation of KIS Virtua (Library Information System) started in October 2004, namely by:
- processing of articles in 15 libraries (the Slovak National Library and 14 libraries in the Eastern Slovakia)
- processing of monographs, articles, and serials in one library (State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica)

At the end of December 2004 operation of the KIS ALEPH (Library Information System) was finished in the Slovak National Library and from the 1st January 2005 the Slovak National Library started to use KIS Virtua in the full extent.

The procedure of integration of the library into the KIS3G Project:
= transition of the library from the local library system to common utilization of KIS Virtua, or utilization of the common KIS Virtua in case of no local library system.

The optimal procedure consists of the following steps:
a) negotiation with a founder of a library, or a library
b) preparation of the basic agreement on cooperation within the KIS3G Project
c) proposal of an implementation schedule of the KIS Virtua in a library
d) visit to a library
e) carrying out trainings
f) conclusion of an addendum to the basic agreement
g) setting parameters for libraries in the KIS Virtua
h) export, import and conversion of records to the KIS Virtua
i) verification of knowledge and granting of certificates (types of certificates: Monographs, Articles, Serials and Loans)
j) the beginning of processing in the KIS Virtua

The basic agreement on cooperation within the KIS3G Project is of a framework character and it forms the basis for the beginning of an official cooperation. Financial issues of participation in the cooperation are solved by addendums to the basic agreement. Fee per client is derived from the overall operating costs for the KIS Virtua and from the total number of licensed clients. Their number is 512. (Servicing contract on software operation for 2012 represents amount of 145 744,43 USD. The amount of the invoiced payment to a participant of the project is as follows: annual payment for servicing of the software by the Slovak National Library 139,135.49 USD: 512 clients totally = 284, 66 USD / per one client.)

Proposals for basic agreements are available on:

For export of records from local KIS-s are responsible particular libraries. They have usually difficulties to provide it what slows down integration of the library into the KIS3G Project.

The following databases are within the KISG Project implemented in the KIS Virtua environment :
Clas01 - Union Catalogue of Monographs and Articles of SR
Clas02 - Union Catalogue of Periodicals of SR
Clas03 - Local Catalogue of the State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica
Clas05 - Local Catalogue of University Library in Bratislava
Clas99 - Database for Training and Testing

Service utilization
As per the 6st of Jule 2012 KIS3G associates 40 member libraries, of which 30 ones are active libraries.

Website visit rate of the KIS3G Projects (
Visit rate of is one of the important indicators of success of the project implementation. Monitoring of visit rate of has been provided by ELET, s.r.o. (Ltd.) company already since 2005. Detailed statistics (i.e. monthly reports) of the website visit rate of the KIS3G Project are published on:

Average monthly number of visits at was 85 894 in 2011.
During the period 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011, 2,372,322 borrowings were implemented (off-site attendance and monographs).

Measurable indicator Status as per 31st December 2010
(Number of bibliographical records)
Clas01: Union Catalogue of Monographs and Articles of SR 3 684 231
Clas02: Union Catalogue of Periodicals of SR 64 628
Clas05: Local Catalogue of University Library in Bratislava 454 615
Total 4 203 474

From the 1st July 2006 the Slovak National Library is a proper member of the European Library

Reference to the European Library is accessible also on the website

The European Library is an international on-line information service (portal), which nowadays provides access to bibliographical and digital resources (books, newspapers, magazines, audio records) in 20 languages of, approximately, 43 national libraries in Europe.

European Library

Search in European national libraries

European digital library

Slovak digital library


Memoria slovaca
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